Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random cruze 2

Another random cruze whilst it was pelting rain. I would have taken more photos but I like colour in my photos and not just grey

Welcome to Bridport at the northern tip of Tassy.....don't blink you will miss it. Even the locals couldn't tell us what there was to do in town. Almost makes you feel sorry for them...

Our touring car...wonder how she will go in targa? don't think my co-driver would be impressed

hmmm, yet another jetti constructed by AMC engineers

Maybe not....these photos don't show any empty goon bags or cans floating around...probably UTAS scum then

Random cruze

Just a random cruze Ash and I decided to do whilst being bored one day...not that you ever get bored in tasmania???? The one thing I love about Tassy is that its an interesting place and there is always somewhere to drive to.....(warning high level of sarcasm used).

Oil rig at Beauty Point...Ash asks "is it pumping oil?...and why does it have those 'strings' attached to it and the warf when it has those massive anchors"??

At the lookout at Greens beach near sunset

Don't worry about paying $2.50 national park fee...they threaten you with a $50 fine if you don't pay but they are skirts.....thankyou anonymous comments I understand your point which is very valid and true but I enjoy a good 'debate' when I'm bored no matter how wrong I am...As for the pulp mil....who gives a rats? You could say i'm just a stubborn 'mainlander' but hey...its prob tru!
Furthermore feel free to leave comments but please don't swear as it just shows ur lack of vocabularily even when you have time to think about what you are going to say and youngins may view this website. As for me it is my site and i can say whatever i want no matter how politically wrong. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Liz's 21st

To celebrate Liz's 21st B'day the gappies from gramma, other randoms plus us representing the AMC possy joined Liz at the Prickly Cactus. Fish bowls were the only things on our minds, whilst not forgetting the task at hand, which was to make sure Liz got absolutely AMC crew always strive to do the best in our studies so why not drinking? However both do not mix well!

The B'day girl

Gramma tutors + gappies & AMC representatitives

B'day girl receiving a kiss from Ash

Steph, Tom (bloody pom's), Leigh, myself
No fish bowls for me but in tru yobbo style I have a jug of cactus juice and a beer glass to down it with (all I know is that there is like a quarter of a bottle of midori in it)

When the group decided to split up we taxied out to the casino to phat is that water fountain in the back left!

You know after fish bowls the level of conversation and the types of photos taken are going to go down hill

Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy 22nd Maroney

Beginning at the Northern Club (originally known as a gentlemens club), we all gathered for Moroney's 22nd bday to have dinner and a piss up... not that we needed an excuse, pretty soon we will be able to write these gatherings off as 'client meetings' folks.

At the start of the night, the birthday boy himself, pretty sure that was Becks but he wouldn't remember that!

One of the many photos taken whilst waiting for our dinner to come...or christmas that is, not to sure which one came first? As long as the beers were flowing we didn't seem to realise we were still waiting for our dinner until dinner turned into a midnight supper

You just know by the amount of concentration involved in pouring that beer, that will be the best tasting beer you will ever have

Not sure what Maroney is thinking here but it has been almost 2 hours since we ordered our dinner...don't think I would be much of a meal anyway

Benny and his misses

Group shot at the Royal on true AMC style there is 3 girls to 8 blokes...maybe you blokes should take up Human Movement??
Theres always one in the photo...sorry about that folks

This is the face of success (from his mates perspective that is)!!! After 5 shots in under 20 mins at the Royal that included tequila sunrise, flamming lamborghini and absinthe, and however many pints of beers we bought Maroney he was still unaffected...until the Irish was visited.

Finally a photo of Dave...In true UTAZ form sitting in the non-alcoholic section. What a skirt! Who cares what he is holding in his hand thats besides the point.

Maroney (hammered finally), Breyley, Hank, Rhiannon, Ben at Irish

Campbell, Atkins, Hank, myself acting sober

HAHAHAHAHAH thats gold!!! Ben I told you to look out for that bloke in the corner of the are you going to explain this to your misses?
You in competition with Ash and I?

Maroney good night mate...we decided to give the taxi driver a tip for putting up with us and your inability to hold back stomach fluids!