Saturday, June 30, 2007

A night in Hobart

Starting at 9am Ash and I 'carefully' left the Bray (Mowbray/Launceston) with Hobart as our destination for her uni friends 21st B'day.

Had to take these photos because the fog was unbelievable

We also passed Perth, Jericho and Stonar

Jens 21st....was one of those parties who all I knew was Ash

Sunday morning at Salamanca Markets...very different from the previous day where the street is filled with stalls selling all types of hippy worthless junk...thats just my opinion on markets, but I did pick up a few nice photos of Cradle Mountain and Wine Glass Bay.
You can see why people visit Hobart

Friday, June 29, 2007

Liffey Falls

Went for a drive the other day with Ash to Liffey Falls which is just south of Deloraine, basically in the middle of Tassy. There were 3 or 4 cascades then the main fall at the bottom. Only a 45min walk so was very easy

I have many more photos however my camera was confusing itself between settings so many did not come out well.

Cascade 2

Cascade 1

Me at Liffey Falls
Ash and Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls

Mt. Barrow

Hey folks been pretty busy this first week of the holidays cruising around tassy and what not. Today maroney, Ash and I drove to Mt. Barrow which is about an hour east from lonnie...can't wait to ride the bikes down this track, some would say its suicide and some would say its a track for uni students!

Ah well after waking maroney up at 11:30 in the morning we weren't going to do anything however what would we have done in Launceston?????? so we went for a drive in the echo that could!!

Our intentions were that if we ran into 4wd territory we would turn back. This just proves how wrong this sign was considering a 1.4litre toyota echo automatic made it to the top with no dramas!!!
Me on top of Mt. Barrow

Ash and Maroney playing silly buggers

Just another couple of hot blokes...lucky Ash
thought this was very kool...that is very thick ice if you didn't notice...pegged some massive rocks at it and they only chipped it!

Thats some strong ice

Another awesome ice formation
Mt. Barrow conquered

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A logistically packed bar fridge ready for end of exams!!!..sadly not much was drunk however she is ready for O week

to those QLD's who don't know what this is...this is wat happens when u park ur car outside over night on a -5 degree night...its called ice and no one better complain to me back home that its cold up there!
AHHH during swotvac (study week) even the dumbest of things happen like having a clean bedroom or in our case using the most useless of excuses to not have to study because we have to build a bike jump. As you can see our ironing bored has come in good use for once with a random matress found and a shopping with soft housemates I was the only one stupid enough to jump this, twice that is, and landed perfectly both times!
R.I.P ironing bored

Mel's pups

Mel's dogs had 5 pups (kelpies cross labradors???) 2 guys and 3 girls....all a bunch of tough nuts except for one.

This little bloke decided to give me the innocent cute look after taste testing my shoes and jeans...little bugger

Good luck getting those car keys back

This was the placid one that thought I was more useful as a pillow....we were going to get a pet elephant then a pet puma in our pink bunker....this has to be close!

Ashlee's 21st

Yet another 21st, but this one was even more special for my girl Ashlee! A close group of family and friends mingled in the 'chocolate room' (somewhere near Point Lonsdale). Gourmet food and wine was enjoyed along with the good company which made the lunch an almost perfect 21st party for Ash!

Happy Birthday baby!

me, Sara, Mel, Jarrod

Ash (b'day gurl) and I

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mt. Roland

Waking up at 7am on Sunday morning with an outside temperature of 1 degree made us even more determined to climb Mt. Roland regardless of rain or sunshine. There was no way I was getting up at this time for no reason at all no matter how bad the weather conditions we were climbing this mountain!

Arriving at the foot of Mt. Roland and gazing up at the sleepy giant surrounded by mist, unable to see the top of the mountain and with rain starting to come down still did not deter our unbreakable spirits of man vs. nature. It was a battle of common sense vs. our pride of being defeated. Being blokes (except for Ash)have a guess which one won?

Representing TAS was Ben Atkins, VIC (Ash Heritage), NSW (Ben Campbell) and QLD was yours truley. With such a broad pedigree still no sensible solution was achieved.

Ash, Ben Campbell, Ben Atkins

Cool little waterfalls. Sorry about the photo was hard trying to keep my camera still with my shaky ice cold hands

Kick arse tree growing around a rock

Campbell lining up for a delayed group shot. Wonder who is more sophisticated and intelligent? SLR camera or Campbell?

Beautiful things are always treacherous!

On top of the Plateau. You can see the path we were walking on had turned into a stream of water and rocks. Ash & Ben looking a tad wet and cold

The track that was leading us to the top of the mountain which is in the background, yet you cannot see it due to the harsh weather conditions.

Campbell, Atkins & Ash. This gives you a better shot of what we were walking in. This was easy compared to our hike up rocks and mud before hand

It was at this point that we had a group meeting and an executive decision was made to turn back and accept defeat. I also did not want to end up on the 5pm news with video footage of us being rescued by an energex helicopter. Some say we should not have even gone up there but at least we had the common sense to turn back.
Some absolute brainless so and so from NSW suggested we should climb the mountain in time for a sunrise photo. This means a night climb which will start around 2am due to the 3.5 hour climb it takes to the top. Its hard to understand how NSW won the last origin with ideas like this?
For more photos jump onto campbells blog site