Monday, July 30, 2007

Strahan cruise

Undergoing a massive make over involving taking the cannopy off the back, the ute is still looking a bit rough around the edges, however some may say its tough! The polyurethane on the tray just shows how much love the ute has recieved as well. Yet I am in the process of angle grinding it off after a failed attempt at acid washing... mind you if you want to acid wash I recommend a mask!!!

This photo was taken at Zeehan (west coast of Taz) where the best part of the town were their chips and gravy. This is a before shot of the ute where she is nice and clean

A shot of Strahan early in the morning... This was when the rain finally stopped. It really puts things into perspective when the locals only leave this town when it is raining in winter, that is because its way to dangerous to drive when its not raining because of the black ice...however you could have fooled me considering how toey the back of the ute was...but this was about to get a whole lot better when I got to the dirt roads!

We had just come out of those mountains where it was extremely cold, dark and wet. I like to call it tropical Tasmania

The great lakes in the middle of tassy high up in the mountains...very odd, but I did have fun on the dirt roads...but it was more like mud that I was driving through however the ute luved it. So glad I didn't buy a skyline now

Little echidna that is lucky to be alive after trying to hide itself in a pot hole in the middle of the mud road...little bugger didn't want to pose for the camera

A typical tasmanian road that went for about 40kms...mind you this was the better part of the road that was still compacted.
Ah and the after look so much tougher cruzing through town in a ute with mud sprayed up the side of the doors and over the bonnet.

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