Friday, June 29, 2007

Mt. Barrow

Hey folks been pretty busy this first week of the holidays cruising around tassy and what not. Today maroney, Ash and I drove to Mt. Barrow which is about an hour east from lonnie...can't wait to ride the bikes down this track, some would say its suicide and some would say its a track for uni students!

Ah well after waking maroney up at 11:30 in the morning we weren't going to do anything however what would we have done in Launceston?????? so we went for a drive in the echo that could!!

Our intentions were that if we ran into 4wd territory we would turn back. This just proves how wrong this sign was considering a 1.4litre toyota echo automatic made it to the top with no dramas!!!
Me on top of Mt. Barrow

Ash and Maroney playing silly buggers

Just another couple of hot blokes...lucky Ash
thought this was very kool...that is very thick ice if you didn't notice...pegged some massive rocks at it and they only chipped it!

Thats some strong ice

Another awesome ice formation
Mt. Barrow conquered

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